Ashen Smile

by The Seeker

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A new collection of all original songs by The Seeker with a '60s pop sound and yet modern approach to songwriting. These songs capture the feeling of looking back from middle age at things accomplished and forward at things not yet done. While somewhat cynical at points, the overall mood of the album maintains a positive outlook on life and the joys that can be found.


released June 1, 2017

All songs written, performed and recorded by Daryl Ropp with some keyboards and drums provided by Joe Purrenhage. Recorded throughout 2016 at 3rd floor studio.

"People are the problem" -- Klas



all rights reserved


The Seeker Detroit, Michigan

The Seeker is a recording project by independent artists Daryl Ropp and Joe Purrenhage.

The Seeker creates all original music inspired by classic rock and pop.

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Track Name: What Happened to Kerouac?
What I feel inside is a sense of pride
For the things that used to be still could be but are gone
And I don't know why it had to be this way
But if you could see what i've seen you would cry

look at the world - isn't it time
To think back and ask it again

Please tell me
What happened to Kerouac?
I want the hippies back
Life is to be lived and loved

and I hope that I get to see it-
The greatness of America
I love the red, white and, blue
(and freedom too)

I've spent my time writing down my mind
Through all the good songs and bad songs that I've sung
And still I try to carry on
Through all the good times and bad times that I've seen


As if you could be simple and set free
Your mind would still know what's wrong and is right
The world is as is so full of what if's
So deal with as it goes on down the line


Neil and Jack and me cruising the highway finding adventures of life
From sea to shining sea
Track Name: Wonder In Your Eyes
Dreams of youth are what filled my head
Horizon stretched away
It seems a million years ago I used to feel this way
We found each other and discovered how to rise above
A pocket full of wisdom sung
"All you need is love"

Time never leaves us be
Worlds apart both feeling free
Come to grips with all the life and love
Within my mind - Grateful when I find
Wonder in your eyes

We've lived a good life all these years
I'm glad that you're still near
To help me through the troubled times
And lift me from my fear
It seems to me a precious thing that many can't achieve
A rarity to recognize - things are what they seem

All the places we have been
And all the things we have seen
When problems do arise
It's always you on which I lean

Everyone gets older with a changing point of view
It's easy to lose sight of dreams held within your youth
A loss of focus supersedes the clarity inside
Thank you for reminding me to pull back and rewind
Track Name: Love At Last
I can feel a life that goes right to
All the things I know are true
From the center of the universe
To everyone it flows

At first it seems so obvious
And easy to understand
Life can be a jaded mess
When it slides right thru your hands

Then I wonder where it's going
When I take a look at the past
When it seems there is no more
Open my eyes and find love at last

At times I get so overwhelmed
And don't know where to turn
The path is ever winding free
There is much for which I yearn

And so it goes around the world
It's there for me to see
I may not have a lot to hold
I have my inner peace
Track Name: Nothing For Me
What's up with the world today
I want to go away
But i know if you leave I will say
Please won't you stay
I want you stay

What I feel is anxiety
I was free inside of me
All I needed was a note to sing
And it was everything
A creative well-spring

I see the world go by outside
Here I am stuck in my dirty little mind
Is it time to finally reach out
Or say hell with it
There is nothing there for me

Keeping up with the day to day
Seizing time if it comes my way
I get up and I go to work
This is my way
The grind that earns my pay

To some the world's not fair
They saw a life that isn't there
It seems to me you get what you want
If you really try
But - you must really try

I went and wandered far away
From things I did everyday
The things that helped me grow
The melody feeling flow
It's where I want to go
Track Name: Timeflow
I Ponder life and wonder what will happen next
The biggest mystery is time
The future holds the past regretful times gone by
The past is full of facts and lies

Don't want to know what happens
I want to let it be
Don't want to know the answers of life

Accomplishments of grandeur could happen anytime
If someone has the frame of mind
The past is always gone the future has yet to come
So all we really have is now
Track Name: A Fine Lament
I've looked and wandered about the world
I've sat and pondered every word
Beyond the corner of every thought (so I've learned)
Much more than grade school ever taught

The years are rambling on
Through my age and time
There should be something more
Still - I'm doing fine
Looking upon the dreams that fall from the sky

Seasons are turning - the year falls out
Before I look back its at an end
Soak up and spit out the rising doubt
Focus to finish a fine lament
Track Name: Simple Joys
Time is a river flowing by
Where it goes no one knows it's a part of life
One day we wake up to realize
It's the simple joys that satisfy
Track Name: So Much More
I’ve seen the time when I’m
Wondering why I’m wondering why
I found that it can’t be
As easy as I thought it would be
I want to see the world
For what it really is
I knew that it would be
What it should be now
Come on and be with me ( I love you )
It will be okay ( I know you feel the same )
I know that we have seen a lot
Seems that there is so much more
Track Name: The Answer
I get the feeling you can't be what you want to be so
Looking at tomorrow it's time to really set you free

Time isn't something that waits it keeps on going by
Flowing faster everyday looking for another try

Focus on a feeling and and keep it on the solid ground
Don't get all confused and get caught up in a run-a-around

People are the problem and can't be what they really are
Afraid of what they'll find so they never seem to get that far

Looking for an answer
Wanting more and more
Looking for an answer
Walking thru the door

Love is the answer
Come on can't you see
It's all right before you
Love will set you free

I get the feeling we can be what we want to be
All it really takes is acceptance of reality

Everything is possible if we put our minds to it
The future is at last so let's go and get a hold of it

Love is the answer
Come on can't you see
It's all right before you
Love will set you free
Track Name: Underneath
I don't want to forget it - What lies underneath us all
It's so hard to get it - What lies underneath us all
I don't want to repeat it - What lies underneath us all
It's so hard to believe it - What lies underneath us all

Random thoughts will flow
Streaming to and fro
Falling from my mind
I can't leave them behind me

So I'm not impressed
I fail to be depressed
There's more in life to me
Than false strife all around me now

Feeling out of place
Keeping up the pace
Alone and in the zone
It's been this way forever

Focus what I feel
Seeming so unreal
A scatter shot of thought
Still keep it all together now